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We use your DNA to help to tailor skincare products.

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— in-clinic test

DNA Skincare Test with app

Result Sent in 90 minutes

DNA Skincare Tests

— in-clinic test

DNA Skincare Test with Treatment

Report sent in less than 3 weeks

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1 - What options do I have for DNA Skincare Test?

We offer 2 types of DNA Skincare Tests: one is the DNA Skincare Test with a Smartphone App, and the other is the DNA Skincare Test with Treatment Recommendation.


If you are seeking a way to shop for skincare products more wisely and avoid wasting money on products that are not suitable for your skin, please choose the DNA Skincare Test with the Smartphone App.


If you are seeking advice on which aesthetic treatments you should undergo to improve your skin based on your DNA, please choose the DNA Skincare Test with Treatment Recommendation.

2 - What is the differences between the two?

The DNA Skincare Test with a Smartphone App is an in-clinic test, and you will receive your results within 90 minutes after sample collection at the clinic. With exclusive access to our Smartphone App, you can check your skin DNA report at any time and scan skincare products you intend to buy to determine if they are suitable for you before making a purchase.


The DNA Skincare Test with Treatment Recommendation is an at-home test, and you will receive your comprehensive and thorough skin report within less than 3 weeks. This test provides recommendations on topical ingredients, supplement ingredients, and professional treatments you should consider to improve your skin based on your DNA.

3 - What exactly is DNA Skincare Test with a Smartphone App?

Our state-of-the-art DNA skincare test is a genetic testing service that uses your unique DNA to help you shop more wisely and cost-effectively. It only requires a cheek swab sample, and we will analyse 8 skin-related genetic traits to determine your skin’s genetic risks in the 8  most common skin conditions:


Eyelid Sagging

Deep Wrinkles

Oxidative Stress


Collagen Degradation

Fine Lines

Loss of Hydration

Skin Irritation


Your personal skin DNA report will display the genetic risks you are exposed to and the level of risk for each condition. Additionally, we provide advice on what your skin needs based on your report.

4 - What is the Smartphone App for?

While you’re shopping skincare products, the App encourages you to make personalised substitutions from one product to another, enabling you to make optimal daily skincare choices tailored to your DNA. Just scan the product bar code using your Smartphone to determine if it’s marked as red or green for you. Don’t worry if it is red, we will always provide you with green alternatives, ensuring you can still indulge in the products you adore.

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5 - How can I get started with the Smartphone App?

When you arrive at the clinic for sample collection, our staff members will assist you in downloading the App. Once you have successfully downloaded it, we will request that you fill out an online form with all your information and details. Prior to the sample collection, you will also be required to complete a lifestyle questionnaire on the App, which will be utilised in the subsequent analysis.


After the sample collection, you are free to leave the clinic. Within 90 minutes of the test, you should receive a registration code via text message. Upon receiving the code, you can register on the App and create your account. Additionally, an email confirmation code will be sent to you simultaneously. If you cannot locate these messages in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder.


Our registration codes are case-sensitive and sensitive to numbers as well. We advise you to directly copy the code from the email and paste it into the App, ensuring there are no additional spaces at the beginning or end. After successfully registering, please review the on-screen instructions and information screens. Once you finish this process, the  App will directly lead you to your DNA Report, allowing you to view your results.

6 - How large is your skincare products database?

Our constantly updated Skincare database contains a vast selection of over 30,000 products, and this collection continues to expand as new additions are made.

7 - What exactly is DNA Skincare Test with Treatment Recommendation?

This test offers a revolutionary Skincare DNA analysis and comprehensive report by examining your skin-related genetic markers that affect your skin performance.


It decodes your DNA and presents a whole-rounded DNA skin profile with treatment recommendations. It only requires a simple cheek swab, and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.


This DNA test is grounded in scientific research and analyses 28 genetic markers (SNPs) across 7 categories linked to skin aging. A proprietary scale is used to assess each category.

8 - How is DNA Skincare Test with Treatment Recommendation scored?

The scale utilised in the report relies on an algorithmic calculation and serves as a visual representation of genetic risk factors associated with skin aging processes. It functions as a means to categorise the response of diverse skin types based on various genetic outcomes, as well as external factors such as ethnicity and lifestyle aspects.

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